Oase Biopress Set 4000 - Filter and Pump Set

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  • Oase Biopress 4000 UV Filter & Pump Set
  • Oase Biopress 4000 UV Filter & Pump Set
  • Oase Biopress 4000 UV Filter & Pump Set
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This German technology pressure filter set consists of one Biopress pressure filter with integrated UVC and a matching filter/watercourse pump with all necessary hose connections for quick assembly. Easy filter maintenance is achieved using the cleaning function built into the filter.
The filter consists of 3 different filter media to ensure clear water – all this at an extremely attractive price. These sets are not recommended for koi ponds or heavily stocked fish ponds.

Kit Includes:

  • Filter: 1 x Oase Filter with 7Watt UV Clarifier, 3lm cord.
  • Pump: 1 x Oase pump @ 1500LPH, max design head height 1900mm, 10lm cord.
  • Hose and hose clamps included. Hose Length: 5lm.
  • Pond Suitability: Suitable for decorative ponds (no fish) up to 4000 litres and 2000 litres with goldfish.
  • Warranty: 2 Year manufacturer warranty (excluding wearing parts).

Note 1 - Filter to be externally fitted. Pump to be submersed into pond.

Note 2 - Cutting of pump cord will void warranty.



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