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A well designed garden pond is a beautiful feature to have. It is vitally important to have the appropriate equipment and lighting to help maintain and bring Life to your pond. Remember that no pond is totally maintenance free. How should you treat and manage your pond?

1. You should have an efficient filtration system.  

2. Run your pump and filter 24/7.

3. Periodic partial water changes of  approx 30% are beneficial to the health of your pond by removing unwanted nutrients and debris. The process of removing water and adding fresh water will help to control algae and improve the general health of your pond.

4. Ensure to top up water treatment and conditioner when adding tap water. 


A pond can be affected by a range of problems caused by unconsumed fish food, decomposing vegetation and fish excrement. If they are allowed to build up, these pollutants will become harmful to your fish and produce unsightly green water. Algae will also be a problem.


Your pond is unsightly and has algae and green water - green pond water is caused by an abundance of single-cell organisms known as algae. Although algae may be harmless to fish in small quantities, it looks unpleasant and ruins the enjoyment of keeping fish and aquatic plants. When leaves, silt and mud are left to build up in your pond, they can clog filters and make excellent food source for algae growth. SOLUTION? Install a Pressure Filter with UV Clarifiers and a suitable pump. Also, add water treatments.  


To bring your pond to life and create a good ambience at night, you should add pond and garden LED lighting. Being Low Voltage, setting up is safe and easy to install, perfect for the DIYer. You can choose traditional warm whites or have multi-colours controlled remotely.


  • Choosing the right pump and filtration system for your pond setup will make all the difference. The right pump can save you money by consuming less energy, and save you time spent on maintenance. 
  • Make sure the pump is big enough for your pond as low circulation can cause areas of stagnant water, low oxygen levels and many other problems, which eventually lead to an unhealthy pond.
  • Pressure filters usually contain a series of sponges, biological medium and a UV clarifier which maintains a balanced ecosystem in your pond. These systems will be a great solution for DIY ponds.
  • Ponds are living, breathing environments, full of complex life forms that exist together to create a balanced ecosystem. Pond treatments help achieve a balanced ecosystem whilst improving the aesthetics through cleaner, clearer and healthier pond water.
  • Regular preventative pond maintenance will keep your pond happy.

Contact DIYMegaStore.com.au to assist.


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