Pond Eco Skimmer - Up to 8000LPH

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  • Eco Skimmer 8000
  • Eco Skimmer 8000
  • Eco Skimmer 8000
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Eco Pond Skimmer up to 8,000 LPH Flow

Eco Skimmer can be installed inside the liner - Maximum flow 8000LPH (133.33 LPM)

Capturing surface debris before it becomes water logged and settles to the bottom of the pond lessens clean-outs, eliminates decomposing matter, lightens the load on your Bio filter, keeps water clearer and prevents discoloured water.

Features & Specification:

  • No silicone, no bolts and no tools. Great for DIY
  • Installs inside the liner eliminating any chance of leaks
  • Skimmer comes complete with molded debris basket, filter pad and lid
  • Strong, ribbed design holds shape perfectly and allows dirt to hold skimmer in place when backfilled
  • Weirs 127 mm

Note 1: Please read instructions in full prior to installation.

Note 2: Pump not included.


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